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Planting Trees in Central Illinois - Spring 2005

In fall of 2003 I bought a rural property with 13 trees, mostly mature and some in bad shape.  The back part of the lot was mostly barren and in need of some landscaping.  In the spring of 2005 I fixed that by hiring a local landscaper to plant 37 new trees and shrubs on the property.  I chose 24 deciduous trees, 12 evergreens, and 1 deciduous conifer belonging to 16 different species.  The evergreens were used as windbreaks, spaced somewhat loosely in the back part of the lot for show, and a bit tighter West of the house.  One existing Silver Maple and four ragged Cedars were removed to make room for some of the plantings.  A small flower bed next to the house was redone, and the foundation grading was raised along the North side of the house to improve drainage.  The whole operation took three days including the grading and cleanup.  The property is 1.7 acres situated on the South side of an E-W highway.

List of Trees Planting Day 1 Planting Day 2 Tree Removal

Before Planting Photos

At the highway looking ESE.

In the NW corner.  A clump of Staghorn Sumac will be planted at the nearby flag, and at the NE corner of the lot.  A row of ragged Cedars with the lower branches missing is just West of the house.

West of the Cedars looking SE.

Looking NNW with the Crabapple behind me.  The Cedars will be replaced with White Fir and Douglas Fir.  The large deciduous is a Silver Maple.  The nearest flag is for Black Hills Spruce.

North of the house looking ESE.  Redbuds will go where the flags are.  The bushes are Japanese Yew.  Behind the Yew is probably a White Spruce.

Near the East end of the lot, looking SW.

East side of the house looking South.  Serviceberrys will flank the driveway where the flags are.

Southeast of the house looking NNE.  The near flag is for Serviceberry.  A mature Tulip Tree is behind me to my right.

Under the Tulip Tree looking NW.  The Silver Maple will be removed and replace with two multistem River Birch.

South of the house looking NE.  Ann Magnolia will go where I'm standing.

South of the house looking NW.

View to the South from about the same spot as the previous photo.  This area will receive Black Hill Spruce, a White Oak, Pears and a Sugar Maple.

View of the Crabapple.

The largest tree on the lot is the Tulip Tree.

The Silver Maple that's going down.  This is a windy place and they break to easily.