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Planting Trees - Day 2

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Additional deciduous trees and 12 evergreens were planted on the second day.  Four old Cedars and a Sugar Maple were removed (see the special web page).  The replacement Firs and River Birch, 7 new Spruce, and 3 Red Buds in front, completed the transformation.  The White Oak and Shagbark Hickory could not be located in time.  Those trees, another White Fir, a 2nd Dawn Redwood, and a multi-stem Ironwood will be added in the fall.  My plans are to document the growth and seasonal changes of the trees on future web pages. 

Unloading the second haul of trees.  The tall one is a Red Sunset Maple.

One of seven Black Hills Spruce to be planted in the SW and W parts of the lot.

Three Douglas Fir and two White Fir ready for planting West of the house.  The cedars to the right were removed soon after this photo.

Looking to the SW from behind the house.  The Cedars are now mulch, and most of the Spruce have been planted.  The unplanted hole (dirt pile to the right) is for a White Oak.  Pears and a Sugar Maple are in the distance.

The West side, looking North.  Black Hills Spruce and a Pear are in front of the Crab.  Another Spruce is to my right.  Four Pears and a Sugar Maple are behind me.  Another Pear is to my left.

Looking North past two Spruce and a row of Firs.  The large conifer in the background is a Colorado Spruce.

The same scene, only looking South.

A Pin Oak ready for planting NW of the house.  The large tree behind it is a Silver Maple.  The dirt pile by the white thing (top right) marks a Red Maple hole.

The Pin Oak suffered some breaks from being tied.  All in all, the trees were good specimens with little or no damage.

Planting the Red Sunset Maple.

The finished West side.  All the trees are mulched.

The redone flower bed with weed barrier and river rock.

One of 2 three-stem River Birch tightly bound.  Its a limber tree evidently, as there was no damage.

Looking NE past the River Birch.  The Silver Maple that was here is now a stump - soon to be ground out.
Closeup of the River Birch.  The one on the right has a crossover, which should become interesting.

A Red Bud awaits its new life in front of the house.

The Red Buds are in.  An old conifer was brought down by wind at this site last November.

At the West extreme of the lot looking SE.  The two new deciduous trees are the Red Maple and Pin Oak.  The nearest planting, down and to the right of the Pin Oak, is a Staghorn Sumac.

At the other end of the lot looking SW.  This is the other Staghorn Sumac.  The nearest large tree is a Silver Maple.  Another Redwood may go near the Silver Maple, which would subsequently be removed.