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Planting Trees - Day 1

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The first day was still and overcast - perfect for planting.  Rain delayed the remainder of the planting until the following week.  The trees delivered on this day were fewer than half.  All made it into the ground before quiting time.  It was fascinating to watch this process.

The first load of trees and shrubs arrive - all deciduous.  Evergreens were planted on the second day.

Moving Pears to their holes.

The first of 6 Pears on the ground.

The first Pear goes in, in the SW corner.

More Pears lay about in the SW corner.

A Red Oak and a Sugar Maple on the trailer (the two nearest trees on the left).

SW corner.  The Sugar Maple flanked by Pears.

Two more Pears South of the Crab.  The hole just this side of the Crab will receive a Black Hills Spruce.

Three Ann Magnolias are in, East of the Crab.  I'll have to move that burning barrel.  It spoils the look.

A closer look at the Magnolias, looking SW from the burning barrel.

West of the house looking SW.

A garden bed being redone, and a new crawl-space vent.

Serviceberrys ready for planting by the driveway.

A Serviceberry is in - East of the house looking SW.  A mature Tulip Tree is in the background.  You can see the edge of the big Crab tree to the right in the distance.

The Dawn Redwood on its side, East of the driveway looking NE.

The Redwood is in.  The Dave's Garden website has good photos of this majestic tree (page opens in new window).

Redwood bark & emerging leaves.  Each leaf bud will grow a short runner, bearing a row of blade-like leaves on each side.  They'll turn rust-colored and drop in the fall.

The Red Oak, ready for planting North of the Redwood.

Nascent Red Oak leaves.  The young fellow has produced an acorn.

Red Oak, looking NW.  A Norway Maple 'Crimson King' is accross the driveway.

L to R: Serviceberry, Red Oak, Dawn Redwood, Serviceberry - looking NNE.  The hole by the flag will recieve one of two multi-stem River Birch.

North of the house looking East.  The worker is by the Red Oak.

Grading in progress North of the house.  Three unplanted holes are for Red Bud.  The nearest tree is a Colorado Spruce.