Image Resizing Utility

Image Upload Requirements:  Your image must be JPEG or GIF and 3 Meg in filesize or less.  If nothing happens when you click "Start the Upload", your image is probably over the 3 Meg limit.

Basic Functions:  The aspect ratio of your image will be preserved by a proportional reduction in height.  Sharpening is recommended if you are reducing your image by more than half.  Sharpening increases filesize slightly relative to the same reduction unsharpened.  "New Width" for 90-degree rotations is applied to the rotated image, not the source image.  Images may be rotated without resizing if "New Width" is left blank.  Reduction of very large GIFs is inefficient and in such cases the filesize may increase.

Text Embedding:  Text is added after all other operations have completed.  You can embed text without resizing your image if "New Width" is left blank.

Basic Functions
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Text Embedding
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